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With 4.0 coming out, knowing these tweaks becomes more important - there are going to be tons and tons of people making new characters of the new classes. If you want yours to look amazing, then take a look at this:
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 Shout Box
Nem:  Hey yaaaa any tips for unsealing talisman plz ^^ ?

LUKE:  Hey, thanks for all this information in a great site, well done :). Hard to find English websites packed with useful blade and soul content

cake:  ahh .. ill take a look at that problem, tomorrow .. about to go to sleep, right now Q_Q .. is anyone else having this problem?

Isaac:  I can't register, the username check just gets stuck on "Loading..." while the password check works fine. :( Happens on Chrome 49.0.2623.39 and Firefox 46.0a2

Sempi:  Thanks for compiling the info about the soul shield stats! It's the first one I could actually understand!

cake:  @cowpie - yeah, that bug has been there for like a month LOL ill fix it after I put up 4 new soulshields, today >w< .. promise!

CowPie:  At the bottom of the "Dungeons" page there is something above the comment box that looks like this: Warning: Missing argument 2 for create_comment_section(), called in /home3/cake/public_html/bns_domain/dungeons/index.php on line 17 and defined in /home3/cake/public_html/cake_domain/scripts/create_comment_section.php on line 4

nana:  i love potato :3

Sumari:  Think you could do the Dokumo critical soul shield?

D.C.V.:  Hello, I just wanted to tell you that this website is AMAZING. I learned everything I wanted to know about the game and the list with daily quests in order of gold rewards is incredibly useful. I love you. You made my life way easier. Keep up the good work <3

OwO:  Dark grey background? The game database banner is red and yellow font over a girl's yellow outfit. The 1-5 buttons on the left-hand side of the banner are purple on top of a purple-colored background. I'm not saying all of it is bad (the cutesy font isn't even a problem), but some areas lack the contrast.

cake:  If you do not like the fact that a few links are peachy, you're welcome to use another website.

cake:  I have horrible astigmatism and I wear shitty 3-year-old old contact lenses because I cant afford to buy new ones and I see all the text just fine. It is dark blackish-purple text on a pale-color background, and the links are peach with a dark gray outline. If you cannot see it, you are either using an outdated browser that doesnt render the dark gray background, have monitor color calibration issues (usually too bright) or have incredibly bad eyesight.

Kari:  It's really difficult to read text on this website. I don't care about theme or whatever, but the colors you have are bad for the average person's eyes.

cake:  no. The correct course of action is not to try to change others - but to MAKE SOMETHING YOURSELF. To make my own little thing, on this internet. And to not conform to others' standards of beauty, but make it the way I personally think is beautiful.

cake:  Personally, I've always held held great hatred for what is considered "professional" in this world. Regular websites instill a deep disgust in me and I yearn for something cute and pretty with teddy bears and pink hearts and curly fonts. I wish more of the internet ... didn't look the way it does. But what should I do, if I feel this way? Bitch at people who create and design websites, and tell them to conform to my idea of what is "good"?

cake:  @UsotsukiParadox - I'm working on that, today, actually! hopefully will be done soons T_T;; @Non - If you were to be really sad and disappointed by the look and feel of the majority of the websites on the internet ... what would be the logical course of action? :3

Non:  Well, I mean I feel like the site should look more professional and less... uber girly, but that's coming from another girl web developer and just my opinion. Although I think the font contrast definitely needs work.

UsotsukiParadox:  Is there a tab for a list of outfits that can be obtained via quests/dungeons/wheels?

cake:  the underlying javascript beneath the jquery function for side scrolling images actually takes up more processing power, than the one I wrote ;w;

Knifetomeetyou:  https://bnstree.com/ should give you the builds you need.

sam:  for the awakened hongmoon necklace, earring, and ring, to go from level 5->6 it only takes 2 blight fangs per, not 5.

Prim:  I like the site though I do agree the beige colour is a little difficult to read in some areas, a darker shadow or soft stroke would make it easier. Also I noticed a few areas are a bit bloated, like the js for carousel could be made more efficient using an array or struct - and jquery would actually be preferable because it's designed to be efficient and cross-browser compatible.

Budi:  Anyone has force master PVE DPS skill build & combos in NA server? Please share.. thx

mik:  Cqn u explain all stats and their functions? I dont understand some stats like evolved def, recovery, things likevthat...

Drio:  Hi Cake you are doing a great Job Keep it up

Aquateria:  Do you accept help from people, or do you have anyone helping you? It can help you speed up the process

cake:  @ everyone else - Q_Q i'm doing my best to add information every day .. should be complete soon >:D

cake:  @Non- men web software developers can go make manly looking websites, but I'm a girl software developer and I am going to make a girly site.

Papples:  This website is adorable. ♥ The bopae stats are what kept me coming here. I'll be recommending it.

iSayZ:  Thx for the database good job :)

Shawn:  Love the information, but beige writing on pink background is just a little tough on the eyes.

Non:  Hi, thanks for the database! It's very nice info but... The actual web design could use work... Maybe not such a girly font and less pink. Nonetheless, thanks for making an actual English database for Blade & Soul.

Nagato:  That's what i was looking for! Nice job !

DarrianBlack:  100% the best database for BnS I can find.

name~t:   comment~

Tommy:  Hi Cake, thanks for the database, your efforts are greatly appreciated! Keep up the fantastic work :D

Heetch:  nice database , keep it updated plz , i love it ^^ , the daily quest are verry useful but they are not complete :(

Asurawr:  best data base site for bns :D

Syn:  Love you

Orinx:  <3 the site, can't wait for more item data

Dokumo:  Where's spider bopae :(

cake:  all the soulshields and the dungeons are in the process of being updated (more information is being added every day) ~ i'm doing my best to work hard ~ i love you guys <3

Sapphire:  Wooh! Awesome site you've made! ^^ It's incredibly useful for me who's new and lost to the game. /).(\

Sasukè:  Thank you ~ Add me in-game! Sasukè hehe in Poharan server~

Svannas:  Love the site, Missing Dokumo Soul Shield though.

lol123:  Plz add Dokumo Set

Nikita:  Hi, anyone know where I can buy Sarpan recipes now that NPC is gone. Sorry newbie question :x

Orinx:  It would be nice if the max fused stats where listed for soul shields, it significantly effect the BiS SS

Boobs:  amazing website with pink color and images

Farter:  Just fated lmao haha!

DerpKun:  yay.. I'm in love with the site.. <3

Mark:  This website is gorgeous. I wish I could web design half this good.

POOP:  nonetheless, amazing PHP work :D

POOP:  img {max-width:100%} is for the image overflow, not word wrap you dingus. Also, baby jesus cries everytime you use tables.

Verice:  I'd like to see the Dokumo Soul Shield set, as well. :o

Nism:  Someone can tell me where can i get Hujikar Weapons?

Cait:  I think this is amazing, thank you SO much for the helpful and useful site. Especially with soul shields.

Hiei:  Awesome site!

Essi:  amazing info really handy, well organized!

Kawaii:  Lovely site, even turned off adblock for it~

Xenosy:  Absolutely the greatest sight I have found. Detailed, no BS, and has a wonderful style. +1

darkboy8:  i chose an 8 letters name and it still says an error creating account cuz my name is less than 4 letters. any help?

Junix:  Thank you for the detailed website :D

Naji:  Awesome Site love it <3

Weeabo:  thanks for making this site !

Weeb:  Great site

Fox:  turned adblock down for you ;) thank you for this awesome site!

Nephi:  Wow, this is a really nice looking site. Found what I was looking for too. Good job and keep up the good work! =)

Pogi:  Nice site :D thanks.. how do I search btw ? <3 <3 <3

HotFire:  wow this is a great site! thanks Cake(?)

knifetomeetyou:  seems to be be the most complete english database out there so far. what's the best way to assist this project?

Inane:  Thanks a bunch for making this. Cant wait until it is complete :D

Yukie:  Are they any tips on skill learn?

yoyoo:  how do you get the moonwater arena soul shield

cake :  @cory - actually, I am missing around 50 different soulshields. The soulshield database is not complete. Please check she schedule, to know when it will become finished!

Cory B:  You're missing the level 28 & 36 soul shields from the vendor right next to the wheel in Yehara's Mirage. You are also missing the level 33 Scorpion Soul Shield from the wheel outside of Yehara's Mirage that you spin with the essences from killing the field boss "Pinchy".

cake:  >.< I'll add a search soon! and thank u for telling me bugs/mistakes ~ working on fixing right now ;w;

Kanemix:  Hello thanks for the awesome guide!!! you life saver!!

shinn:  Awakend Infernal Necklace needs 5 Moonwatertransformations stones, not cinderlands. unless that, awesome work on the detailed info for upgrades. but the font is anoying at some time on the pink background

Bug:  so i can't use the wheel of fortune (first one) i have 16 'tokens' and i am the only one on the machine

anon:  i did not expect a B&S wiki to have this kind of presentation i love it

Koi~:  Hullo, I'm new and I'm excited to meet the community here!

Brooklyn:  where is a search?

Nav:  Not working*

Nav:  In the swords section, the "bonus side weapons" tab is not. I think it's a broken url :D

Heather 💖:  Hey~ love the site but some of it is a bit hard to read 😩 the light text on the light background on the left doesn't stand out and the banner at the top gets cut off on the right side by the youtube box & why are there two of these?? 😕

mymmoguide:  for newcomer and beginner : http://www.mymmoguide.com/blade-soul-beginner-guide/

cake:  yes :D i already collected them all. I will add them to database a biiiit later - right now adding quests & dungeons!

Godlyblade:  so.. one thing. There are bracelets and belts already available in the patch. Epic Siren Belt included (not sure about the bracelet). Are you adding those too?

K:  Make sure to add the soul shields from turn-ins at NPCs. Looks like they aren't listed.

Nice!:  Nice job on the site! Awesome!

Pawnce:  twitch.tv/Pawnce

fifi:  nice scripts comment~

D First:  I want friend with me in game, and we can farm or share together . i want Craft Moonwater transf but too hard for do mysellf, i have idea, with 5 ppl. one share 20 soulstone 4 moonwater tear 1 moonwater quatz 1 premium clay.

sam:  awesome site thanks a lot for your efforts!

Andriu:  translations, where are the translations? D:

Kumi:  Can i somehow change the site theme? way too bright for me, other than that this is an awesome site, would share 100%

Saishu:  hello, is here any place were i can see lvl 45 and 50 armor sets?

brad lee:  damn girl you got a sexy website and girls aren't even my type..... I THOUGHT

Kai:  You're like a blessing in disguise. Heaven in earth. Cherry to my cake and all those other good stuff! Thanks!

Athkatla:  Background is a little too bright for my old eyes, but I can see this being one of my most visited websites. Well done!

Eth:  seriously adorable website.......i love it

Mikey:  Thanks for these helpful infos. Keep up the good work Cake!

cake:  you are right, I will allow people the use of symbols in their password. I don't remember why I disallowed it, in the first place o: ill fix that, sometime when I have free time

Xifu:  @cake This was interesting to read: https://www.reddit.com/r/askscience/comments/wmzrz/is_xkcd_right_about_password_strength

Xifu:  @Cake, you might be right, but I still think that denying people the use symbols in their password isn't a good idea. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Tips-for-creating-a-strong-password https://www.facebook.com/help/124904560921566 http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/create-strong-password-forget/ https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32040?hl=en With so many sources in which symbols in your password is always recommended.

Chai:  HueHueHue

aelodia:  testing 1 2

cake:  basically, a password like "flowerwentcurtainfrequent" is the most easy to remember, and would take millions of years to hack, even with dictionary attack! It's about layers of entropy~

cake:  @xifu - that's actually not the case, at all! I've been working with this sort of stuff, for years. Read THIS: https://xkcd.com/936/ I was gonna put a link to it, when you make a password, but I forgot >.<

Xifu:  I think the requirements for the password should be rethinking. The safest passwords are the ones that contains numbers, symbols and mixed-case letters, it's not just about the length. The site looks beautiful in general though. <3

FacE:  Too many captchas :(

cake:  side note: It's actually fixed in the BNS comment sections (the only website that is active, right now) and your CSS is bad, sweetheart. Max-width will not cause words to break. The correct solution is table-layout: fixed;width: 100%;word-wrap: break-word;

cake:  looool poop i dont have time to fix that right now, I'm working on coding a login system ... the comment section update is planned for april T_T

POOP:  Come on Cakey, you got this! img {max-width: 100% }

name~nutz:   comment~

s:  s


alert:  &lt;script&gt;alert('Hi')&lt;/script&gt;

oncemore:  < script > alert('hhhhhhiiiiiiii') < / script >

Inject:  ' OR 1=1;

name~:  Combining o̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰ Character

alert:  &lt;script&gt;alert('Hi')&lt;/script&gt;

Combining character:  õ̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̃̃̃̃̃̃õ̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̃̃̃̃̃̃õ̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̃̃̃̃̃̃õ̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̃̃̃̃̃̃õ̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̃̃̃̃̃̃õ̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̃̃̃̃̃̃õ̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̃̃̃̃̃̃õ̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̃̃̃̃̃̃õ̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̃̃̃̃̃̃õ̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̃̃̃̃̃̃õ̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̃̃̃̃̃̃õ̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̃̃̃̃̃̃õ̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̃̃̃̃̃̃õ̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̃̃̃̃̃̃õ̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̰̃̃̃̃̃̃õ̃

' OR 1=1:  test

Dontworryboutit:  Noice

bmodex:  p.s the site is fucking bomb looks so aesthetically pleasing. i know i will be referring to it come January

bmodex:  cake = fav streamer and biggest php inspiration lol

Jet:  i understand just keep up the good work :3 im not trying to make a problem just didnt know this page was still active cause of the date :o

cake:  jeeeeez nitpicking at something really stupid like that. It's really obvious that its supposed to be jan 19, 2016, blade & soul's release date. I'm working my ass off with only 6 hours of sleep per day, trying to get this website done, please cut me some slack :/

Jet:  maybe you should read your own text , it says january 19th 2015... not 2016

cake:  I really didnt realize ppl dont read -_- .. like ITS IN BIG PURPLE./YELLOW LETTERS )': so sad now..... wait till january 19th, guys.

cake:  DOES EVERYONE NOT SEE THE IMAGE OVERTOP THE LINKS??? WEBSITE IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL JANUARY 19th. everything is supposed to 404. I'm not finishedddd with uploading the stuff yet, thats all Q_Q

SpikedTea:  Hey Cake, I'm finally here! where can I downlaod te main portion of the game?

Jet:  and gathering

Jet:  the crafting guides are error 404 D: plz fix need for NA

cake:  @ aegis - yeah ... it will be ready by jan 19

Rawr!:  Bestest BnS fan site ever!

' or '1'='1:   comment~

name~:   comment~

Gabe:  While all achievements would be dumb, are you going to show the achievements that give permanent stat boosts?

Aegis:  is this database going to be expanded? because the only complete thing it has it's the weapon evolution tree, i was looking forward for the doboks, the professions, the world bosses and dungeons too

Ken:  hey, i found out about this game cause of you. the site looks cool so far. very organized. lots of potential. looking forward to play and visit a lot. keep up the good work.

Ayyy:  um here

^FacE:  hihi :)

Liz:  still doing the aion house scripts?

hoho:  rawr

cake:  yes, the thing about party applications is true. it's a dead giveaway (i think i wrote that, back on BNSdojo..) but just TALKING in english should be OK

Xyren:  does that apply to other b&s versions too? coz i read in certain patch that we shud not apply to party leader for party instead shud request party since its a dead give away that we're using patch and thx for quick reply

cake:  yes it's OK to type in english.

Xyren:  is it ok to type in english after we entered b&s china?they wont ban??

Gemmeke:  Eyyy

Icounteryou:  what is your name on b&s


djd:  jdldlfjhaaaaaaaayy

FUCK:  </tr></td></tbody></table><script>window.location.assign('http://twitch.tv/Hexpresso');</script>

FUCK:  </font><script>window.location.assign('http://twitch.tv/Hexpresso');</script>

FUCKER:  <script>window.location.assign('http://twitch.tv/Hexpresso/profile');</script>

Evii:  Is this place dead? ;o

Racso:  help... i just started doing the process and the QQ account asks for my mobile number!!

wew:  wew

Jahn:  Hi,is this english patch still being updated or is it abandoned by now?

Boyardo:  Te extrañamos!

Jasmine:  I love this blog but i can't see the stigma page..Why ?

Jasmine:  hello

name~:   comment~

Nyanya:  Hello :)

Jasmine:  Hello :)

CandyTome:  I love u all

X:  l keep getting windows cannot find bnsUIpro.exe any idea why?

Typhoon:  Hello, I have a problem. The english Patch does not work. It always says "error - unable to patch file".... im desperate *cry* what am I supposed to do?

Oiishi:  :0

Me:  uhm where are the music scripts?

- MrsLouzifer:  I know yet all the colors of the body and hair. But i dont know all the types of Wings or body markings. Just like that can u make a list of that, please?

Eli:  Heay, your tabs don't really work.

dzmahdi:  do we need a vpn ? to play

Wikkely:  Hello?

bidiugca:  1

bidiugca:  comment~

Unitard:  help, china localization patcher unresponsive

Sam:  I need some help, anyone around?

Tone :  ay

Tone :  ay

name~:  Caaaaake! Welcome to Avabel ;www;

name~CileyMyrus:  Where is everyone?

Galenoni:  Come check out my ranch. ID: Galenoni

name~ :  dd

JusticeDan:  beepboop!~

Holy:  Love your site, thx for your great job. Just have little trouble with leveling guides (error 403)...

DwightHARD:  If you need horns come to my Farm. Ign: DwightHARD

KinkyCarrots:  Check mine out! I'm new but it think I have so cool horses. My username is also KinkyCarrots

Evie :  Just me or is Derby days not getting more updates than often ;(

Lmc:  Visit my ranch DreamsRose ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Jmvo:  hey guys i cant creat an qq account.... its asking me a phone number for a code of verification... can any1 help?

Skydrite:  BNSlamp won't works when i try to find the game location

Ember:  Check out my ranch, WillowPaw1 ^_^

derrrppy:  whats the sword button do

quincy:  the message "unable to get info from QQ servers.." keeps popping up even after few re downloads

Cobra:  days 22... still dont know where to find small shenlong certificate :(

Mari:  Same here "unable to get information", restarted a thousand times alreaady... :(

Mendiga Player:  Hey, there is any facebook fan page? Ty!!

Guilty XOXO:  Same issue as Nikolaus, very frustrating ;3

Rose:  Having the same problem as Nikolaus, "unable to get information from QQ server, cannot proceed" error. Very frustrating :(

Nikolaus:  Can u tell me about the error, cause i got this error when i tried to patch. it said " unable to get information from QQ server, cannot proceed "

Kojiro:  Hey, in which folder do you instal "China Localization" patch? (its for censorship uses)

Kojiro:  Hey, in which folder do you instal "China Localization" patch? (its for censorship uses)

name~:   comment~

Arius:  Hey is this english patch for bnS is working?

ahian:  03/05/2015 Hi i was just wondering when i attempted to open the launcher right after the download it redirected to tencent security center and it told me that it was infected by a trojan, what should i do? Thank you in advance :D

Mashiro:  zzz

aa:  aaa

Mou:  :)

Skiz:  HELLO stil working 24/02/15 ?

X:  do you still play Aion or is it true you got banned? o.o

DeeXGundam:  Just wanna say thank you for all the hard work you put into this site. Im sure me and many others LOVE YOU (>'.')>

Yumihana:  Nice website and fonts , pretty well done


Stoned:  Wow, nice Site Friend! Really good Work!!!

Bruh:  So I tried downloading the uncensored patch but I'm having problems... Can you help me?

I was suggested this:  I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I'm not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You are wonderful! Thanks! dbkfbaeekdff

Art Strum:  You should help me on my ranch!My ranch is bbaadd

<.<:   comment~how do I make cute toons

name~:   comment~where is the viedo cake to make cute toons!

BEAUTY~:  With 4.0 coming out, knowing these tweaks becomes more important - there are going to be tons and tons of people making new characters of the new classes. If you want yours to look amazing, then

name~:   comment~

name~:   how do I make a cute Korean toon

SOLDIER 1st Class:  Well, it always tells me that the game is not found, and that i should make sure to have the "laucher.exe", which should be placed in the Game folder, keep running but unfortunately i just dont find it -.-". Can anyone help me pls ? :SS

Timmy:  Ahhh So if anyone could please help me, I downloaded the game and whenever I open it i get the opening page with the girl wearing black on the left side, but there is no dialogue anywhere, can anyone help me?

SkyStorm162:  Is there a way to be able to get back and play on a guest account caused was on level 59 and I really want my guest account back!Please Reply

Wow that was odd. I :  Wow that was odd. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn't show up. Grrrr well I'm not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say superb blog! fggeedbecdka

Cortaderas:  Does anyone know what i might get if mating takes 8 hours? Sorry for my bad English I am Argentine

Senso:  Yeah I'm level 8 and the game is not translated for some reason

Wat:  Has anyone noticed that most of the game after forest of the dead isn't translated D:?

Angelo:  hello, what is the script of the Humping the NPC and BUTLER ?

Lego:  After level 10 or so in the Forest of the Dead, the patch no longer works. ;_;

name~bubbles :   comment~hello

lior:  can i ask how to merge all the xml to text.xml?

ThinkTexh:  Hello is anyone on chat

Boing:  Hi i have loads of foals and I want them to grow up how long will it take

DerbyDays10:  Does anyone know what I might get if mating takes 48 hours?

Aaron Valrey:  I sent you a friends request on your facebook. If you could read my messages I sent you, helping me with those 2 pics would be awesome. Especially since it would appear that the launcher picture changed from the instructions you listed. <3

nakedbanana:  hi, can u send me a link where i can find a way to change xml.dat from eng to another lang. i would like to perform this tool with more languages. thank you

name~:   comment why you are so attractive ?

name~ash:   comment~do you still play aion?

TheRealMagnus:  really enjoying this cake skin for league. I've been enjoying LoL a lot more despite running into so many trolls in b5 lol

European fanboy:  Mistress Cake 4 life <3

cake:  what the FUCK would make you think I'm a crossdresser you fucking cunt? I'm clearly a normal girl you dipshit. =_=

Panty:  Thanks <3

Senpai:  Are you a transexual? or a crossdresser? I'm just curious.

Mezi:  Do we need to wait for a new update for this new recent patch inorder to use it?

Safetyhats:  Peniz

Kamikaze:  thx site owner :*

hey:  hello

Mezi:  hi i was wondering if you need to launch the game from the censor launcher or is it fine once you do that once

Kokaa:  hi cake.. i just wanna say your post is cute =)

izzyfaust:  how can i get QQ to send me an email instead of asking for my phone number?

Help:  Anyone know of ranches with lots of the rainbow colored eagle wings?

Hyena:  Hi please give me english patch link please i don't understand russian. For Black& Soul...

Martin:  HI Cake. :)

Voidpointer:  I'm getting the following error box while in the launcher, I guess it's patching stuff. What does it mean? If I click the button the download doesn't resume and it just stays stuck. http://i.imgur.com/URD3bQi.png

Sai:  contacted QQ customer support and they claimed they fixed the issue- it is indeed fixed for me.

sai:  SAME ISSUE as Lunar below me...

Lunar:  Hi, great website! I've signed up on QQ, received the verification email, but when I click on the verification link I get "Your email account is already activated." (which is not the case, I carefully clicked only once on the verification link and immediately got this error) and can't access my QQ number. Tried with another email address, same issue. I'm using Gmail addresses. Any idea?

louis:  it also looks like the first slot (maybe the user name) won't allow me to type in any letter but only numbers... so I'm pretty confused.

louis :  so on the right side there three horizontal server looking tabs and the very bottom is a solid blue bar. I'm not sure if these 3 blue horizontal bars are servers, but the first one seems to have a gold little bar below it. When I click on the first one, it looks like it's asking me to put in my username and password, but I don't believe I registered for one. Do I create a user name and password somewhere on that launcher?

anonymous:  navarre try using gmail - works for me

Navarre:  QQ signup doesn't accept any of my emails including newly made emails. Why is this?

Help Me:  Are there any sites where i can purchase gold?

Anon:  Anywhere I can buy gold so that i can purchase items in the store?

Sai:  Great site and very helpful - will spread the word soon this needs more visibility as china looks more promising than the russian private server

adsa:  cant start launcher i get the tcls eror where i need to download it

Doodle:  Dumb question but i can set my system local to english if im not playing the game right?

cake:  louis - the launcher will always be in chinese, yes. I can't change that, sorry! The actual GAME is going to be in english when you open it. What button are you pressing, to launch the game? ( i know I need to update the photos of the new launcher, sorry!) What exact error message is popping up, if any? o:

louis:  hey cake, i downloaded everything using chinese local prc and updated the launcher and applied patch successfuly but when i open the launcher, everything is in chinese and i can't open the game...

Hawk:  where the fashion page at? it doesn't work anymore

Hariz:  i got error when try to use the launcher

Sattichan:  @GreenTeaFairy weekly maintenance is every wed/thursday dependant on where you are in the world

GreenTeaFairy:  When is the weekly maintenance? I have no idea when i have to update things, and google doesn't help me out o.o :O :3

Xav:  update 2.110.4790.6 don't let me get on :(((

Xav:  hi cake, i want to know the server that all players are playing???

Kay:  Hi Cake. Great website here and awesome team! I'm finally able to play BnS :D Just a question for you.. I'm in the middle of leveling my hongmen weapon... but in order to make the breakthrough I have to sacrifice a weapon that I cannot find ;A;.. The only alternative I see is to buy the weapon for 30 stones in Tomou Inn.. would you happen to know if there's any other way of acquiring the weapon? :0 Thanks and keep up the great work, it doesn't go unappreciated~~ ^___^

Yuki:  Hello, when I started the game with bnsmanager, log in and after the server select, the launcher just disappeared. Can anyone please help me with this? :(

cake:  as for the other people getting errors ... did you install the game with chinese locale? and are playing using chinese locale? ): thats the cause of 90% of the errors I see

cake:  @ stranger - yes its normal, i just havent added those quests yet. I add new stuff every day. Right now im just adding weapon translations and skills, and not quests o: .. when I finish those, i'll add quests and items ;w;

kitz:  its saying that "game is not installed" it wont patch me.but bns is installed right now

Stranger:  Hi, First of all, I would like to thank you & your team for this amazing work. I have a question : is it normal that from the quest 9 of the act I (approximately), there is no english translation anymore ? I was just wondering if it was normal or not. Thanks :)

Zac:  Hi, i keep getting the error 1359 when installing the patch. Anyone knows what that means? Or what i have done wrong? Pls help.. thks!

Augie:  Cake, you deserve goddamned holiday. Thank you so much for your efforts here, and the same goes for anyone you worked with to make all this happen. Thanks very much and great fucking job.

Kutchas:  Every time I close the game my settings reset. How can I fix this?

PP7X:  They plan on using the Chinese client when they port the game to the US; will you guys make a decensor patch when it finally comes out in (hopefully) 2015?

Anteros:   I love your videos and guides. We all appreciate all the time and effort you have put into these things. So talented, artistic, and sexy... mmm I want my cake and eat her too! Lol *tickles* tyvm for all the info!

hadouken:  so I want to use the decensor but can I launch the game via TGP and still work? cos if I dont I get lag

Vankata:  ty anyway :) have a nice day

cake:  vanketa - I'm sorry but I'm ot playing aion anymore, and I do not have those scripts and longer. I'm playing Blade & Soul ):

Vankata:  ty anyway :)

Vankata:  I talking about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl36g15kWPE if you can give me a code this is so cute and little funny :D My life want it in her house and she tell me how she do it this and i tell her dont know just ask if u can give it okey if not have a nice day :)))

cake:  saori, can you please be a little more specific about the exact problem you're having? What exactly is going wrong? Show me screenshots and give me details <3 ill help u~

Vankata:  Can you send me a Code for Script Humping NPCs pls or better inv me on skype: vanko_tigra U make great work. Ty very much and have a nice day :)

Saori:  could someone help me plse? I've been tring to play the blade and soul for 3 days now and i've tried to uninstall and re-install so many times that i'm loosing hope...i tried so many things and it fixes some problems but others appear :( *sighs*

DeathStarWhite:  could you talk to me about it freely on facebook I added you. and its easier to just normally chat. my name was nathaniel

DeathStarwhite:  the thing is if i reinstall using my older version it opens fine just the patching gets stuck i can just never win.

cake:  did you try putting your locale back to chinese? honestly i think you do have to reinstall ):

DeathStarwhite:  Exscuse me if i changed my locale after the install and then reinstalled it do i have to redownload the game entirely also no matter what i have tried ive gotten the blue bomb error and i can't seem to fix its really annoying.

cake:  @ ves - loki was answering that question in this thread http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/16870-english-patch-for-bns-china/page__st__2300 on another forum. try the suggestions he gave, in the last couple of pages. @ jugs - I havent translated that part yet T_T im so sorry~ i dont know the answer and I'm working on it. Send me a screenshot! it would help.

jugs:  how can i use the dragon industry bag? i drag it to the bag and something popped out i dont kknow what to type

VES:  I can't apply the patch. there is an error "unable to patch file." Can you help me to fix this??

cake:  arhon, I should have explained it more clearly >_<;; sorry ~~ what's supposed to happen is english patch -> decensor -> english patch again. Both patches actually modify the same XML file, and loki programmed his launcher a certain way, in order to be compatible with the decensor patch. If you do it out of order (even though its a wierd order, i know!!) then it has to manually redownload content from chinese server. found that out the hard way ):

Arhon:  I see, keep up the great job Cake :) , also i believe the English patch should be added after you put the uncensor, because when i did that everything had be translated to english.

cake:  yes, character creation and all of the settings are completely translated. ... and no I'm sorry but I'm not working on aion or housing scripts anymore ): only blade & soul stuff T_T <33

Arhon:  Say i am wondering but is the Character Creation (Settings too) translated ?

Deven:  Are you still willing to take on a job to script a house music script in Aion? It's an old midi, and I have mains on both sides of IS to pay. I have some FG too, if you use d2jsp.

gerion:  any1 have the npc dancing script?

cake:  also, after you click the icons for "boob jiggles" and "remove censor" in that program, do they turn red? what happens? can you explain more?

cake:  @thatguy - there was a recent update to the BNSlamp decensor thing. try re-downloading it o: click the button that says 2.2.6 http://shendeng.17173.com/bns/

ThatGuy:  It seems that i can't get the uncensored version to work :/

cake:  hai ;w;

Milling:  Heya

Cake:  Yes, panda, you will be able to play on chinese server no matter where you are in the world~

Panda:  I live in Japan at the moment, and B&S is already out here, so I wondering if I will be able to play on Chinese server?

john:  any1 here?

Victor:  The email address is : szenczi.viktor@gmail.com

Victor:  Can you send me an email with a solve? Thanks in advance.

Victor:  Hello. I would like to ask you about this problem in BNSLamp: http://snag.gy/7WfLz.jpg The story is, I didn't updated the game for a long time and now i just play again. I had to patch ofc, so I waited the gameclient to patch itself then I realized maybe I have to patch the 'mods' also. I did it. But the, khm, uncensored physics won't work so I decided to turn it off then on. I get this message everytime, it starts to download before turning it off. I read the article you made about uncensori

Amanda:  Euterpe Guilty Crown script if that possible :D

help:  nevermind fixed it thanks for all the work dudes

help:  I installed the eng patch and then I installed the decensor which reverted the eng patch wat do

Scorp:  Nevermind, tried the next day and I was able to run the English patch. Thanks for this great website! :D

isolict:  Are you going to play Skyforge?

nynaeve:  I too need the english patch q.q

Scorp:  "Loki is busy living his life at the moment, if you are receiving this message he's out enjoying himself instead of staring at a computer screen..." ;_; it appears I'm late to the party, what can I do?

Raiken:  I want to play on a server where the most english player are. which server is it?

Raiken:  R u Online?

Raiken:  hey cake, i have a question

XCharlieCobyX:  Heyo

Desi:  Can you add the housing wallpaper link soon please? :)

cake:  @ nary - did you change your system locale to chinese while downloading installing, playing? QQ ... hmmm... ive never gotten such an error ):

Naryana:  Hey there, I installed the game this morning and everything seems to work well. But when I launch the game I got a BnS Crash Report, any idea ? :/

Bunneko:  Umm I cant find the subserver of the nonlaggy english player one??

Ryie:  im not sure why, BNS client does not start after logging in :(

cake:  @lyn - I'm working on adding skill translations before I'm going to add the demon staff info ): skills are more important .. but i'll add demon staff eventually =D ~ ...@ cat - I hope everything is okay .. did you get it fixed? ): Im scared now .. gonna check my account too... @ dolly - Its still active but i'm just a bit busy with another website, so my updates are sloooow QQ

Fexxi:  Are the links to your shops broken?

dreamranch109:  hey cake whats your ranch name

Cat:  I am not sure if any of you got banned from server last night after the patch update but I did. In addition to that, they put my account into safe mode which I couldn't do any trading, open chest etc. I am not sure what caused it but it cost me the entire night trying to fix it. I had to download QQ security on my phone which didn't work nor did the scanner thing. I had to seek online support by downloading QQ chat... And I had to type in freaking Chinese like a freaking old lady...

Yolo:  Hi i seem to have a problem,i've folowed all the intructions,i've made the game working,i've played a bit yesterday,and now today when i tryed to log in it won't pass after the page where i write my id and pass,it just stays there after i hit enter....

Dolly Bambino:  Hi! I love this website! Really appreciate all the hard work and effort you hav put into it! Is it still active? I have some screen shots to send you of missing hair colours xxx

Lyn:  Cake,,, can you tell me where can I find demon staff

Cat:  Hey Cake, it is working fine now. But the main file still shown as garbled codes. But the game itself is fine and in Chinese. Thank you very much!

cake:  try deleting your blade & soul folder, changing system locale to chinese like this picture shows http://bns.endgame.pk/register/img/get_bns_14.jpg and then re-installing (you hopefully have the downloaded zip files, still ... >.< )

Cat:  Hey Cake I did switch to simplified Chinese. :S But I think I only did a partial change cos I didn't know I had to switch the Administrative one as well. It just finished downloading, shall I reinstall or do I need to clear the old ones out, not sure how though.

cake:  cat - when downloading the game, were you following the instructions on my webpage, or on someone else's? While downloading, installing, and playing the game, system locale needs to be set to "simplified chinese." I say that very clearly in my guide~ its causing all the errors you see.

Cat:  Hey Cake, I have tried everything and nothing worked. I can't even uninstall the game... I wonder if downloading a new one works.

Cat:  Hey Cake, I did my download, but somehow the BnS file that I installed appears to be in garbled codes. The client runs fine with partial garbled codes and partial Chinese. The problem is it tells me that my account has some security issue and I need to enter the codes shown there but there is no codes at all. :S What should I do now? Reinstall?

Aly:  Haha yeah, my apologies, it seems that I was a little bit too excited to actually even notice that button XD Lol but yes, successfully did that now, and glad to be ingame now! Thank you very very much~ *Bows* ^^

cake:  after you have downloaded it - replace the old one - with the new one - and re-apply the english patch.

cake:  ahh, sorry i just saw that you DID try the download, int he second pic. Try this - here's a link to re-download the original xml file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-jAXirOS--2OGNMNDFLcmtIeE0/edit

cake:  did you try pressing the revert button? or the download button? the way the english patch works is - it modifies the chinese text in that file and sometimes it can get buggy if the patcher doesnt know what version to use~

Aly:  http://i.imgur.com/RE5NW4n.png http://i.imgur.com/fxbxQlP.png

Aly:  Heyy Cake at first I'd like to say that you're doing a great job translating this awesome game, and keep it up please, I really, reaally do appreciate it~! &rt;w& b Unfortunately it seems that I'm having one problem with the English patch and I'm not sure how to solve it, so could you please help me with it a bit ^^; ?

name~Vurren:   comment~Your awesome! Thanks for all the good advice~ Ill try to help find some of the colors your missing C:

cake:  sorry for not replying earlier, samsara~ that message is popping up because you didn't follow the installation instructions correctly. System locale must be set to "simplified chinese" while downloading, installing, and playing the game o:

meh:  cake, thanks for all your hard work,I appreciate it :)

Samsara:  http://s849.photobucket.com/user/IIXVXII/media/BNS1_zps3333348a.jpg.html

Samsara:  mr. cake nice to meet u, thx for the site is helping me a lot, but i have 1 problem i cant solve, this message always pop up when i try to log in, please help me ^^

name~Cici:   comment~hey

MysticStable:  I am happy to see my ranch on the example horses... Haha thanks cake (:

cake:  those links will probably always remain broken. I'm sorry but I haven't played aion in a very long time because i'm playing blade & soul and working on bns.endgame.pk ... ;__; so sorry...

Araneth:  Cake, my Dear - i'm visiting your site form.. i don't even remember. But i have to tell You something... This new-so-damn-cute look of your site fucked up links. Fix it, please, i will die without it (or my just bought house will) ;___;

Dante:  thanks for this page! :)

cake:  actually, im just gonna shut down the old site completely, soon, once i move my aion guides from there, to the new site Q__Q .. but I'm busy working on an english patch for Blade & Soul, so i dont do aion website stuff as much anymore >.<

cake:  I am not updating my old site from ucoz anymore cuz I noticed all those stupid viruses! My new sites are on http://bns.endgame.pk http://aion.endgame.pk and derbydays.endgame.pk If you are still getting such things on the new endgame website, can you please tell me what link exactly? I WILL KILL THEM

ryan:  your old site seems to be virus-y. i am getting fake updater requests for things like java and media player. =( may be from naughty advertisements http://cake.ucoz.com

Ezeik:  Nevermind, fixed it by logging in using the TGP booster instead ^^

name~Ezeik:  Hi! I was just wondering if being stuck on login screen with a message in chinese ( not an error), means that im in que or somthing along thoes lines?

cake:  yeah sorry im not working on the aion site as much anymore because im working on the blade & soul site Q___Q .. bns.endgame.pk .. the GMs kept banning my aion accounts cuz of "vulgar language" =__=

Arkhane:  Hi, and thx for this bible. I don't know if you're working on the site again actually but you know that some buttons like Kinah, Leveling & Instances guides are no longer working. Hope you're still here :D Take care!

cake:  yes it is, I play on windows 8

pcgan:  is the game supported for windows 8?

name~sirenity:   comment~ lokis name sounds so familiar from atomix bns

cake:  im using TGP at the moment actually >.< gives very nice ping. And i do not have money to pay for wtfast D:

Serg:  Try using WTFast i find it better

cake:  aw, thanks ;w; yeah, loki is like, a god Q___Q <3 ... and wow i guess the guy doing method 2 hasn't updated it in a while. Oh well D:

name~Sirenity:   comment~ Hey cake nice site, helped me alot!!! i appreciate the hardwork you have done for all of us. Also like to thank lokireborn too. btw the bnsmanager method 2 doesnt work, each time i launch it after picking server and logging in, the tencent protects goes to full bar and crashes the game.

cake:  ngong, while you were installing your game, did you change your system locale to chinese? Can you see chinese letters in the name of your your blade & soul desktop?

ngaong:  hey cake, i have a problem regarding a Chineese-english translations. it says 'game not found' how do i deal with it? do you have any troubleshooting or possible fix? thanks

Skyslash:  Wonderful site ^^. tis unfortunate i play on Siel server...i might drop by there though for cake XD

Bunny:  Wah I'd love to make an asmo on israphel, but I have no idea how should I costumise it! I really wish that the character creation ideas section was finished~

name~Serg:  http:// imgur.com/ mFEUU6A

name~Serg:  http:// imgur.com/ pJXMdbM

cake:  @ serg - yeah i can help. give me a link to a screenshot o:

name~Serg:  hey cake ^^, great site by the way it has been very helpful and wonderful work on the translations even though its some but still great job ^^. Is there any way you could help with a translation i want to know what to type in for a purple item mainly wepon and accessories o yes and puzzles to either refine / throw away / or combine like what to type in to confirm it thank you ^^ sorry for the bother

DreamTrails:  Hi cakeful, your site has been really helpful! I rmbr seeing a page where it shows you what two colors to breed to get a certain color. Do you still have that page? And oh, I'm looking for a horse with white Mohawk locks, please comment here if anyone has one! Thanks!

cake:   @ reinth: Thats okay, I'm working together with loki, on a patch to translate all items and quests in the game @ clumsy : there's server maintenance, and a game update happening right now, lol thats why you cant move -_-

Reinth:  Im currently in China and my mandarin is not that good yet, even to read the items and some directions in game, i still need a lot of help lol. This thing kinda slow me down so having some english-speaking friends would be nice, its even better if they have better experience at the game than me xD

name~clumsy:   comment~ur patcher if fcking up the game for me i dont understand it was working fine for a while now i cant atk or move or do anything shutting it down nice try ty

cake:  I dont really aim to play with an english community ... i rather play with the elite chinese players and learn to speak mandarin >.< ... but im on server 网通二区 subserver 右破天惊 ~~

Reinth:  Cake which server are you on for BnS? is there an english-speaking people community? I just started and would like to change my server to join you guys :)

cake:  marmalade is playing blade & soul now ... wanna come play with me? :3

name~israphael:   comment~ is marmalade still playing =3

cake:  they only check passport if you have some sort of security issue with your account. Otherwise, they never check

Munchkin:  I mean I was just wondering if they actually check the passport or not

cake:  then make up a fake birthdate when you register, duhh XD

Munchkin:  Cuz you know....I iz a minor

name~Munchkin:  What if you're younger than 18 O.O

floof poof:  BNS!!! errrmeeerrgaaaaad

cake:  Aion servers or blade & soul servers? o.o I play on Israphel for aion~

adrian:  nice site :) what server you play?

Harses:   Hey there! I'm curious as to how you figured out the percentages on body color for Derby Days. Mind explaining a bit? :3

Micheal:  The wanted to start playing aion and randomly found this site....just wanted to say pretty cool page....but i couldnt see the leveling guide

Emma:  Hi there~ I was just wondering how you manipulated the picture to make the horse you wanted on PhotoShop? I have gimp :3

Raininhorsez:  Hi, I love your site and read it whenever you have something new, it's helped me a lot and I appreciate all the effort and hard work you've put into making this wonderful site! :)

name~jeremyi-SL:  nice site, found it really helpfull. but some of the text is kind of light to my burned down eyes (and there's a lot to read) maybe making it darker could work.

SpiritFox:  Hello ^•^ Cake are you making new pages because you pages are AWESOME X3!!!!!

SpongeBOB:  GREAT SITE 10/10 <3

Miuuchan:  My characters are always so simple and I want 1 really cute and awesome.. Sry about my English =( I play on AionEu in Telemachus server =/

Miuuchan:  Hi there !! really cool site btw ^^ Cake can u made a thread about Character Creation?

cake:  thanks ;w;

Coss:  xD nice cute looking page xD

Coss:  Hello xD

SpiritFox:  Hi and love this page of to be rich and level up fast and I give it 2 thumbs up ^^

cake:  I play on Israphel.

Skyline:  whats the name of the server that you play cake ?

Skyline:  hi all

huehuehue:  Derpy Days! jajaja wat am i doing with my life

cake:  You can't. that page is obviously a mistake. I'll delete it.

nomad:  how can i make Abyss points in crafting food ?

Cookie:  Hey I love your site! Just wanted to give a suggestion: Can you add how many hours are the wings in the "list of all cash shop horses" section?

Cococola24:   comment~ Did not tell me all the rewards. I want to know all.

Tato11::  I love this idea it's really cool :D I would like it if you came to my ranch ID: Tato11 You really don't have to come but I would appreciate it.

Rose28726:   comment~Thank you for the advice it really helps!!! ID: rose28726

name~Dawn2Duskers:   comment~this article/page is very helpful! Keep up the good work!

SpiritFox :  I just came to say that your opinions are great!!! And can you check out my Ranch PLZ!!! ID: SpiritFox

Coldplayranch:  I play Derby Days and Im level 47. Wanted to say that your page is awesome ^^

cake:  i am always online OwO

Blue:  Is any one online ?

Kishimo EU:  MMmm i like Cake - love the site ut would love it more if it was complete =) Else a good jo so far

vns~:  Thanks for answering!! And that's a shame Cake, I really hope you do solve that perma ban situation. But whenever you can sell me some old scripts and/or do the personalized one, I'll pay really well (in kinah or however you want). I'm not kidding when I said I'm dying for it. I tried doing it myself, but it doesn't come out as expected :/ Not very skilled with musical stuff. Ty for the attention again :D

Zelene:  hello?

StonesScriptWanted:  hey cake, i been waiting many months now since u said in "couple of weeks" but gone many months since then.. but I still want to buy the STONES music script in kinah (asmo) could you please let me know how to contact you in the game and if you could trade the script with my kinah :) with love Kristian


cake:  yeah the gear stuff & the AP stuff is not... available yet ): i'll fix it .. sometime x___x

Mat:  Hi first of all very nice site helped me a lot. ;) Second when i want to open Gear: Solo & Easy then it is bugged i think. Would be nice if you could fix that site ;) would be very helpfull for me if i could access that site.

name~Dude:   comment~nice guide for new aion gamers could be the medal guide

Liliyth:  Cake, I hope you come back as fast as possible! Because I have a question about a script which changes furniture to white: I just don't know what command causes that effect! Could you tell me perhaps? Or maybe I could get white/black dyes and meet you some time in-game?

name~Dude:   comment~cake u need dude "D

Peanut:  I love the site so much~ Aw people insult eachother all the time, why did you get a permaban for that :(

cake:  not now, neharra, sorry ... im so busy in game because of my stupid permanenet ban T__T (if u wonder why igot banned its because i told someone to suck a hairy ballsack .... loll ... :< )

Nelanna:  Hey:) Do you plan to add guides such as 18-slot pet, kinah, solo eternal gear and such? Now I can only see broken links :)

JaSe:  Cool site :)

cake:  no, at the moment, i'm not doing scripts Q__Q .. one of my aion accounts got a perma ban recently, and i'm busy trying to fix shit *sigh* .. maybe another month :/

vns~:  hello cake! what an amazing website! love how you take your time do help us with so much info. I was wondering, do you still accept personal music script for aion housing? I'm dying to buy some of your old ones and get a personalized one ;_;

Nerita:  In which server are you playing?

cake:  yeah XD I haven't added all the content yet, so many of the links point to nothingness :P i'll add when i has free time~

Mimic:  cake website! can't wait for more working links :)

Noobcleric:  I love this ^^ but waay to many broken links :(

Faith:  I wonder when you will come to Siel ;)

Vanila:  :)) i am still hope you will upload the custom tweaks for caracter creation soon xD (please i need it need to make my cleric)

Amaterasu:  <3 its, keep in touch~

name~Aerid:   comment~I'm happy finally I found u q.q from youtube link. Been following ur old ucoz site. THis one looks pretty as well, keep up the good work <3

cake:  yeah i have to put that up O: im always busy with my RL job >.< i gotta add stuff to websitey~ adding a VC guide today!

Vanila:  i saw on site something about caracter creation teaks but nothing with details about it could you please give more details on it like create a section specifically for it i'm sure many would appreciate

Don:  D:! Ah.. failed use to shout box.. Anywhoo though.. *o* This site.. all the pretty.. sooo easy on the eyes.

Don:   comment~

Quaver:  Hello Everyone.

Alvin:  Awesome :D

BelllaSwan:  Cool page Cake lady :)

cake:  testing-anti spam implementation code o:

Khione:  ah okay ^^ you probably are busy right now so I'll just hold off my request til then :P

cake:  yeah sorry the page isnt up yet still D: ... im copying over the databases from my old site. soon as that's done it'll work Q_Q

Khione:  now I feel even worse triple-commenting. at least it pushes the post by Fely out :P but uh, checking the code on your site, it seems there isnt any href for the Housing Script button, and all the other ones are redirecting to this page still.

Khione:  nevermind ._. I'm blind or something >.>

Khione:  I saw in this box you are still doing scripts (i have no clue how long ago you replied), but since I don't see the form is there a way to request at the moment? Or should I be patient ^^

cake:  fely is the worst glad

Fely:  Cake is the worst legion and cake is the worst BG

Shiverrr:  Another ty from Shiverrr in Siel via Asmo for this site, we appreciate it :p

cake:  yeh I'm still doing scripts. I'll put up a submit-a-request section on this website in a week or two (im banned from aion forums)

Chel:  Hello are u still doing housing music scripts and if you are how do i contact you - through skype or email?

Taryn:  Lol Anna that newest script is funny

claire:  this is so pretty!! lovely styling, even the scrollbar and cursor!

hello :D:  Hello?

floofy:  i am so soft and poofy :D

cake:  testing update to shoutbox x__x;

cake:  testing comment section :3

(I post aion screenies)

(I post funny pictures)
New cakey site o:
       Is this new site better? o.o I was using a thing called Ucoz for the old site and it put gay advertisements everywhere Q__Q!! ...So I decided to find a nice host and build the site from scratch. All the same useful aion stuff is still here, just with prettier buttons. I added new stuff too~~ go look at it!!
      This new site isn't just for aion, though~ I bought my own super sexy domain name ;w; !! And if you go visit endgame.pk you'll see that I'm making a huge site for a whole bunch of Korean mmorpgs, like Blade & Soul and com2us games.... not just Aion! Korean games usually don't have very good english databases and guides, so I'm extracting the games files and translating myself :P I'll put this content on the endgame websites so people can see~~ ♥

Still in progress......
      I made this new site just a little while ago. >_< a lot of the buttons might not be clickable yet though, because I'm still putting up more content. All the stuff from the previous website is 100% here, but some of the new stuff isn't finished yet. It'll be done in a couple days :D
      Also, it would be great if people could comment in the chatboxes and tell me if a button isnt working or if something looks broken - I fuck up really often so its ok XD .. I'll just fix it. I'm trying to make this page look pretty in all browsers and it's doing well in firefox, chrome, and even goddamn internet explorer (although if you're using IE, you're a noob. Go install firefox or chrome. Or else I will stalk you, sneak into your house, download chrome, and change the icon to IE's old icon so that you THINK youre clicking on internet explorer, but are actually launching chrome D:< )

      One more thing that I'm planning on, is to add user accounts to this site. You know how you could log in to the old cake site? I want to do that to the new site, but code everything by myself >_< (don't tell me to install a wordpress premade site layout that does it for me. I will kick you. I'm an engineer, i'm above that! XD) I'll make it super simple and not-annoying and not buggy >_>
      You will be able to log in and post comments and have an avatar and a little page about yourself. You will also be able to add your own guides, your own pictures, your own news posts, and other yummy stuff. Moreover, I will make it so that you don't HAVE to have a cakey site account and can just post without logging in, as well (your avatar just won't show up and your name won't be super pretty and official :D)
      If you have any other ideas or want to say something, post in the chatbox, or on my facebook :D

To-do list......
1. frontpage
   a. Put better content into news panels
2. channels
   a. Add new solo instances for 4.0
   b. Remove outdated videos
3. guides
   a. maybe add important quests button
   b. maybe add skins list guide button
   c. content: 135 slot cabinet
      • the link to 18-slot pet quest
      • the link to character leveling guide
      • add pictures of NPCs to warehouse guide
      • fix cabinet descriptions
      • fix cabinet item numbers/amounts for crafting
      • normalize all pages with correct sidebar width and correct z index for buttons
      • fix legion warehouse page descriptions
   d. content: housing database
      • fix shugo nomads page's navigation
   e. content: seasonal agrints
      • make nav links functional
      • add npc pathfinding textareas
   f. content: colorful text
   g. content: dailies
      • add weekly section to specialty
      • add iron/bronze/silver/gold/mithril coin quests
      • add rifting ap pvp dailies
      • fix descriptions (make better) of some quests and add extra guide links
      • add platinum medal dailies
      • make sure kahrun coin quests/descriptions/rewards are correct
      • cross-reference with old cake site page
   h. content: house script guide
   i. content: ap rift guards
   j. content: ap chests
   k. content: 60 daeva gear
   l. content: gear guide
   m. content: kinah guide
   n. content: 18 slot pet
   o. content: leveling guide
   p. content: schedule
   q. content: stigma
   r. maybe add a aion music extraction guide
   s. maybe add a gear enchanting guide
4. left sidebar
   a. housing script shop
   b. korean patch notes button
   c. content: games
   d. content: members
   e. content: skins
   f. content: furniture
   g. content: OCD
   h. content: Blog
   i. content: album
   j. content: articles
   k. content: art
   l. content: post
   m. content: music
   n. content: question
5. etc
   a. cakey note about button colors and stared buttons

Testing another cute inlaid font